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Account Manager

Sell, Deliver, Manage and Invoice for Cloud Communications

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The Foundation of Your Success Strategy

Built from the ground up to enable MSPs, VARs, and IT Solution Providers to sell, deliver, manage, and invoice for cloud communications, Account Manager is the “secret sauce” that empowers our Partners to achieve lasting success and the highest margins in the industry.

The Complete Solution to Run Your Business

Optimized for you to sell, deliver, manage and invoice for unified communications and cloud contact center solutions, the CoreNexa Account Manager cloud service delivery platform gives you the ability to private label all of your recurring and non-recurring services such as Hosted PBX, VoIP, SIP Trunking and SD-WAN. Account Manager speeds up quote to cash no matter what size deal or customer, with fast onboarding via automated provisioning. 

Features like Phone Rebooter allow for remote configuration updates to reduce truck rolls, automated invoices and payment processing enhance operational efficiency, and integrations with Authorize.Net, Avalara tax software, Salesforce, Google, Outlook, and ConnectWise mean you have a complete "business in a box". But the best part? You get to brand it as your own so you can build long-term value in your business with customer relationships you fully and 100% own. 

Account Manager Dashboard on Laptop Device

The Functionality You Need to Succeed with Cloud Communications

From Quote to Cash

A preloaded item catalog enables you to sell cloud communications solutions to your customers from day one. Manage the entire workflow, from proposals to orders to invoices, through one central cloud service delivery platform.

Mass Provisioning

Utilize the solution’s import/export functionality to quickly provision customers onto the platform. View the status of existing number porting cases, submit new ones, assign case IDs, and search for cases using advanced options.

Remote Troubleshooting

With Account Manager, you can manage templates, reboot phones, and provide customer assistance from anywhere in the world — there's no need to roll out trucks or provide in-person support.

Detailed Accounting

Track orders, invoices, and online billing, including sales proposals, orders, invoices, payments, credits, refunds, and automated monthly billing and dunning systems.

Hosted PBX & VoIP Phone Services

Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is the modern version of the traditional telephone closet. Today’s hosted, or “cloud-based,” model puts the brains of a phone closet into professionally maintained data centers, helping businesses transform their communications and improve productivity — without the need to purchase expensive, complex, depreciating phone system software and hardware.

Easy to Use & Operate

Our Hosted PBX system has been designed from top to bottom to be user-friendly while providing our Partners with a platform they can customize as needed — no experience required.

Fully Featured

Hosted PBX and VoIP from CoreDial means your customers are getting a feature-rich solution — complete with limitless call routing features, cloud contact center capability, and leading application integration, including Salesforce, Microsoft Outlook, and more.

Save Money Upfront

There are no heavy investments to getting started with Hosted PBX. That means customers don’t need to purchase or maintain a cumbersome telephone system for their business. And with everything under one software solution, there is no need for extra third-party suppliers.

Save Money Overall

Hosted PBX systems also cost less to maintain, lowering monthly phone bills, which makes the system a double threat for customers looking for a cheaper business phone solution that provides serious ROI.

SIP Trunking Solution

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) has become the common signaling standard for real-time communications for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). SIP is an open-standard, which enables our customers to seamlessly connect existing customer premise equipment (CPE) with our carrier-class voice network. A SIP Trunk solution is a virtual phone line that utilizes a Broadband connection for access, offering up to 40% savings over traditional telephone lines.

Rapid Return on Investment

SIP Trunking is cost-efficient to implement and CAPEX negligent, meaning businesses can maintain their same previous features at a fraction of the cost over time.

Fast Geographic Growth

Use your time for generating new ideas for your startup. Take a break from the routine and work for new ideas.

Reduced Call Costs

Enterprises can halve their telecommunications budget with SIP Trunking solutions by reducing costs for making and receiving calls — and since calls are made via IP connection, you won’t have to worry about long distance charges.

Enhanced Scalability

Unlike traditional POTs and T1/PRI lines that require planning for peak call times, SIP Trunking solutions offer the flexibility of on-demand scalability, meaning it can scale up or down as-needed, making it an ideal and scalable solution.


SD-WAN makes the day-to-day operation and management of VoIP and data systems easier, more efficient and worry-free. Optimizing your customers' existing bandwidth, CoreDial's CoreNexa™ SD-WAN solution is ideal for any organization that needs high quality voice or those that have bandwidth limits and need reliability and stability for both their VoIP and standard data.

Voice Prioritization

SD-WAN prioritizes your customers' hosted voice traffic over data to ensure the highest voice quality. When your end users run out of bandwidth for their standard data, their pages run slow, but when bandwidth runs out for voice, calls can sound awful or drop.


Specialized Routing

When sending the voice packets, SD-WAN creates specialized tunnels, isolating your traffic from standard internet traffic and ensuring the most direct route between your networks and their data centers.

Distributed Network Optimization

SD-WAN works to manage and optimize connections between disparate locations and distributed networks, so employees at different locations have the same access and network quality.


SD-WAN, through the Orchestrator, provides sophisticated troubleshooting functionality that can show users where there are issues and what remediation is being carried out automatically.

Industry-Leading Service & Reliability

For 14+ years, CoreDial has set the Channel standard for service and reliability with our cloud communications and solutions. Backed by a fully Geo-redundant infrastructure, CoreNexa delivers industry-leading business continuity so you can provide uncompromised business communications and ultimate confidence to your customers. We've been recognized by some of the most trusted names in the industry for offering the highest standards of quality and service.


Our numbers speak for themselves:

99.999%+ Network Uptime | 4.3 MOS | 350K End Users

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Highly Configurable, Extensible Design

CoreNexa offers integration with many of the platforms and solutions your business uses every day, as well as a configurable API, which allows for integration with virtually any third-party system or software.

Salesforce Plugin

Salesforce Plugin

Microsoft Office Plugin

Microsoft Office Plugin

ConnectWise Manage

ConnectWise Manage Integration & Plugin

Chrome Plugin

Chrome Plugin

Safari Plugin

Safari Plugin

Internet Explorer Plugin

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