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Contact Center

Delight Customers and Increase First Call Resolution with our CCaaS and IVR solutions

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Omni-channel Customer Engagement for the
Modern Business

You need to keep ahead of the curve, offering business cloud communications solutions and services that meet and exceed the demands of your customers' ever-evolving needs. CoreNexa Contact Center provides a complete customer engagement solution ideal for businesses of any size. As the importance of delivering exceptional customer experience rapidly increases, CoreNexa Contact Center's flexible deployment options give Partners multiple ways to expand their addressable market and capitalize on CCaaS opportunities.

What’s Inside

Advanced Calling icon

Advanced Call Distribution

Managers can use Contact Center’s drag-and-drop queues to quickly assign personnel as needed to address spikes in volume, reducing call time and increasing effectiveness.

Outbound Call Control Icon

Outbound Call Control

Contact Center’s sophisticated dialing software can automate contact based on information stored in a CRM, and even distinguish between voice and answering machine.

Customizable Dashboards Icons

Customizable Dashboards

With Contact Center, agents and managers can display all the important information they need on a single screen, before the moment of interaction even begins.

Detailed Analytics & Reporting Icon

Detailed Analytics & Reporting

Agents and managers alike can utilize CoreNexa Contact Center’s detailed reporting functionality to measure call abandonment, First Call Resolution, and customer satisfaction, increasing effectiveness and accountability.

 Call Recording Icon

Unlimited Call Recording

CoreNexa Contact Center offers unlimited call recordings and call tagging on AWS storage, so managers can review interactions at any time. Easy search and selection of call records in the recording system greatly reduces the administrative lift required to audit pre-recorded calls.

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Multiple Deployment Options for Businesses of All Sizes

Complete Seat Headphones Icon

Complete Seat

Leverage the full omni-channel power of CoreNexa Contact Center to delight customers using whatever communication format they prefer.

Voice Only Icon

Voice Only

Use Contact Center’s voice features to reduce call times, increase agent efficiency, and increase First Call Resolution.

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Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) offers the ability to provide database-driven, touch-tone applications to your callers for convenient 24/7 self-service. Self-service applications reduce the number of basic calls that need to be handled by your agents and improve the customer interaction. IVR is perfect for businesses looking to save money and time by automating manual customer interactions like payment processing and appointment reminders.  For any business with a goal of delivering exceptional customer experiences, IVR can be sold bundled with Contact Center, or deployed as a standalone solution.

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Workforce Management

CoreNexa Workforce Management gives supervisors intuitive scheduling, real-time adherence and reliable forecasting tools built into CoreNexa Contact Center — capabilities needed to maximize agent performance & accountability, reduce operational costs, and deliver extraordinary customer experiences. WFM offers a single, fully-integrated place for managers to access comprehensive tools that reduce time-consuming admin work and increase efficiencies for the contact center and business overall.

Schedules and Forecasts in laptop

Scheduling: Employees’ schedules, PTO requests, shift types, and more are readily available in a single location (eliminating the need for clunky spreadsheets and “bolted-on” third-party solutions).

Forecasting: Managers can quickly predict incoming demand and allocate resources adequately, ensuring a seamless experience for the customer, and reducing Average Handle Time.

Adherence: CoreNexa WFM delivers historical and up-to-the-minute data on employee performance, which can be easily compared against set goals or Service Level Agreements. 


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