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CoreNexa-Contact Center dashboard - CC Console

Drag-and-drop Dashboards

Customized agent display ensures employees have the info they need to most effectively manage queues & incoming calls.

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Automatic Call Distribution

​​Ensures every incoming call makes it to the right place every time for fewer transfers & less time sitting on hold.

Because every Business should have a way to deliver extraordinary Customer Experiences

Capture More of the Contact Center Market

“Contact Center allows us to say yes to just about every customer. It’s adaptable, and I’ve gotten a lot of opportunities because of it.” - Jeff R., CoreDial Partner


What is Contact Center Essentials?

CC Essentials is a full-featured, voice-only customer engagement solution that offers key Contact Center functionalities, without the barriers to entry often associated with more complex or enterprise-level contact center products.

With CC Essentials, employees have a comprehensive solution to help them delight customers, improve efficiency and reduce operating costs— one that’s easy to set up (with zero Professional Service hours required from the Partner), and also easy to use.

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Some of the high-value features CC Essentials brings to the table include:

Fast and Easy Setup

Start taking calls in minutes

Advanced Call Distribution

Ensures every incoming call makes it to the right place every time for fewer transfers & less time sitting on hold

Real-time & Historical Reporting

Preloaded standard reporting options so managers stay alert and aware of their teams’ performance, incoming call volume, and more.

Drag-and-drop Dashboards

Customized agent display ensures employees have the info they need to most effectively manage queues & incoming calls.


Unlimited Call Recordings

Easily review interactions for quality management and training purposes; available for playback and download for 30 days after the call.

Improve the callers experience with your customers by offering:


Ensure you never miss an important call and that callers don’t sit on hold.

Detailed Reporting

Allows you to see trends in agent performance and call center volume.

Quality Assurance surveys

Offers the opportunity to grade the caller’s experience and track agent behavior

Our customers are very happy with CoreDial’s reliability of service. They’re by far the best Partner we’ve worked with.

– Greg S., CoreDial Partner

CoreNexa Contact Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Contact Center Essentials?

Our CC Essentials solution is for organizations that want to manage, monitor, and enhance the customer engagement experience.  The simplicity of setup and lower costs associated with CC Essentials also makes it an excellent option for customers with less advanced, less-complex customer-interaction needs. It’s perfect for customers that want to create competitive customer experiences but might not have the budget or desire for a more sophisticated Contact Center solution.

What is CoreNexa Contact Center Essentials?

CoreNexa Contact Center Essentials is a streamlined, voice-only version of our award-winning CoreNexa Contact Center solution. Unlike its predecessor, Essentials offers a lower barrier to entry because you have no need for Professional Services, yet it still delivers high-value customer engagement, elevates the customer experience, and maximizes efficiency with every interaction.

How does Contact Center work?

Our Contact Center platform integrates with CoreNexa Asterisk PBX through an internal SIP trunk allowing direct calling between CC users and Asterisk extensions. Contact Center’s Automated Call Distribution (ACD) engine routes and manages inbound and outbound calls to ensure every call is handled by the proper agent based on queue and skillset management.

Is Contact Center customizable to the business?

Yes! Our Contact Center platform offers programmable queue behavior, along with several styles of configurable interactive dashboards that display important performance data in real-time including calls in queue, service levels, agent details, alerts, and warnings. It offers more than 50 types of reports to provide insight into every level of the contact center, and an agent workspace with customizable widgets.

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