Voice to Text

Automatic Visual Voicemail Transcription

Stay Connected to Important Messages, 24/7
(Without Logging Into Voicemail)

CoreDial’s Voice to Text solution leverages Google’s AI and machine learning capabilities to transcribe spoken words into written text automatically and without human interaction.

This allows businesses to have their voicemails automatically transcribed and sent to them via email, SMS, or CoreNexa Mobile. This technology is ideal for busy professionals who can’t be accessible at a moment’s notice, are often in meetings, or in an environment where it’s not feasible to listen to messages.

What You Need to Know About
Voice to Text Visual Voicemail


What is CoreNexa Voice to Text?

CoreDial’s Voice to Text solution allows users to have their voicemails automatically transcribed and sent to them via email, SMS, or CoreNexa Mobile — saving them the hassle of logging into their voicemail to check messages.


Why Do Businesses Need Voice to Text?

Because who has time to check their voicemail? Between juggling meetings, business obligations, and everyday life, listening to messages is just another to-do on the list. CoreNexa Voice to Text gives back time in the day and improves day-to-day efficiency.

Three Ways CoreNexa Voice to Text
Boosts Productivity

With CoreNexa Voice to Text visual voicemail, employees can stay connected to the business on their schedule, from anywhere — all without needing to log into their voicemail whenever a new message comes through. This translates to greater flexibility for employees, fewer missed communications, and a mobile workforce that’s connected, engaged and productive.

1. Saves Time

Navigating voicemail menus and listening to voicemails in order is a thing of the past. Busy professionals don’t have time to listen to every voicemail, and with Voice to Text, they can skip to the messages they need. 

2. Prioritization

Voice to Text offers a practical, at-a-glance way to keep up with messages that need attention. Users can quickly scan transcribed messages and address messages based on importance or time sensitivity.

3. Information Instantly

Users can efficiently hone in on specific transcribed messages to find exactly the information they need — from contact information to payment details, to an address or agenda for their next meeting.

Benefits of Visual Voicemail:
Employee Use Cases

Voice to Text is ideal for any professional who relies on voicemail whether working in the office, remotely or on the go. Users can view transcribed voice messages when and where it's most convenient. 


Service technicians can quickly check incoming messages from customers and managers while in the field.

Remote & Mobile Employees

Staying engaged and connected is key for employees working from home, while traveling or on the go— Voice to Text ensures important messages don’t get lost.


Managers can review urgent or time sensitive requests, pressing updates from their team members at a glance, whether they’re tied up in a meeting, on another call, or multi-tasking from home after hours.

Owners, CEOs & Executives

Busy executives can send calls straight to voicemail then read messages to determine importance in addition to catching up on the day's messages at their convenience. 

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