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Private Label vs. Agent

Private Label
[with CoreDial]

  • Your revenue is 4x more (than as an agent)
  • Your profits are 3x higher (than agents earn)
  • Only you control your revenue
  • You own your customer and contract
  • You establish and control your retail price
  • Expand your brand, not your suppliers
  • Create meaningful business sale value (4x)


Estimate Your Revenue

Agent Model
[without CoreDial]

  • Your commission is capped at 20% of your sales 
  • Your profits reduced further by your cost of sale
  • Suppliers regularly reduce or cancel your commissions
  • Supplier owns the customer and contract
  • Supplier controls retail pricing
  • The supplier's brand grows from your efforts
  • Minimal, if any, business sale value created


Estimate Your Revenue

Private Label with CoreDial
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An Investment in

Your Success

To keep Partners successful, we make ongoing & purposeful investments so your competitive advantage always remains firm. Our Partners have put their trust in CoreDial, something we never take for granted, and we're proud to make investments that enable them to succeed.

The Proof Is In The Numbers

The CoreDial Difference

The numbers below represent the typical CoreDial partner.

Click below to estimate potential revenue as a CoreDial Partner using your specific numbers.


Agent Reseller
(w/o CoreDial)

Private Label
(w/ CoreDial)


3 Year Revenue



4x Revenue


3 Year Gross Profit



3x Gross Profit

Business Sale Value:

Based on Typical Multiple Paid



4x Business Sale Value

The Channel’s Proven Path

to UCaaS Success

Once you sign, our team of partner onboarding experts gets you set up for business in just a few days so you can quickly access all the tools and training you'll need to hit the ground running. You’ll be rapidly fast-tracked to growing your business with our dedicated team who guides you through training, your first three deals and beyond!

CoreDial - Amy Levenberg

Fast, Easy Onboarding:

Once you sign, our team of partner onboarding experts helps you build your CoreNexa portal so you can quickly access tools and training. You’ll rapidly get on the fast track to growing your business with our dedicated team to guide you through training.

CoreDial - Ken Lienemann

Deal Support:

Our Order Assist program helps you close your first three deals immediately following your onboarding. Over 90% of new partners close their first deal within 45 days of signing using this program.

CoreDial - Christina Hyde

Partner Success Program:

This proven program recognizes and rewards partners who dedicate themselves to growing their businesses with CoreDial. We ensure you have every tool you'll need to excel at selling cloud communications and earning high-margin profits.

See for Yourself Why

800+ Partners Choose CoreDial

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