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Q&A: CoreNexa UC Webinar

Leveraging CoreNexa UC & Mobile to Enable Remote Worker Productivity

Q&A: CoreNexa UC Webinar 3.18.20

Following is a list of questions from Partners who attended our live CoreNexa UC webinar on March 18, 2020, and the answers provided by our UC Product Owner and UCaaS Subject Matter Expert. Download the Q&A PDF.


Q: Am I able to import contacts from MS Outlook in CoreNexa UC?

A: Right now adding third party contacts is a manual process. Importing third party contacts is a function we’re looking to build for future release, so stay “ tuned for availability.


Q: Is uploading contacts a manual process?

A: Yes, uploading third party contacts is currently a manual process, however keep in mind that all of a user’s contacts in the Enterprise will automatically populate in the UC Client and mobile app once that user’s contacts in the Enterprise will automatically populate in the UC Client and mobile app once that user is properly enabled for CoreNexa UC.


Q: Does CoreNexa UC support texting?

A: Not yet, but very soon! We’re on track for delivering Business SMS (including MMS) in Spring 2020.


Q: If I’m making changes to a user profile role, will those changes apply to any user assigned to that role?

A: Yes, you can apply a single profile set to enable all users with that profile the same permissions. This includes applying a “Custom Profile” to any user with that specific Custom Profile role.


Q: Changes to standard profile permissions, will that apply to any users who have a standard profile?

A: Yes, you won’t have to create a custom profile for each individual.


Q: When the landing screen option is defaulted to the UC Client, how do you toggle between CoreNexa UC and Account Manager?

A: To toggle back to Account Manager from CoreNexa UC, locate the Applications icon on the left navigation pane. When clicked, the icon will display an “Other Applications” pop up box where you can choose Account Manager. 



Q: When in the Account Manager, how can you get back to or access the UC Client?

A: Once you’ve properly configured a user’s extension for CoreNexa UC, that user will see a new circle-shaped icon in the Account Manager, in the top right hand corner next to their User Name (capsule shaped icon). The new circle icon contains a mobile phone and monitor graphic—click that to get to the UC Client.



Q: Can you transfer calls in the UC Client?

A: Yes, there is an option for both attended and unattended transfers



Q: Can a user have multiple extensions?

A: No. UC Client and mobile are registered to a single user extension.



Q: Can you view your own call recording in CoreNexa UC?

A: Yes, when you’re in Account Manager setting up Call Recording, you can select either the “Always On” or “On Demand” setting. There will also be a new checkbox that says “View Recordings”. When checked, the user will then have a new Recording’s widget to view/listen to their own recordings from within UC Client.



Q: Has the continued ringing issue with the mobile app been resolved?

A: Yes! Now when answering a call on one application, the other application stops ringing.




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