CoreNexa SD-WAN

Cloud-Based SD-WAN Solution for Highly Optimized Voice and Data Traffic

Crystal-clear, Reliable Voice
and Stable Data Flow

SD-WAN makes the day-to-day operation and management of VoIP and data systems easier, more efficient and worry-free. Optimizing your customers' existing bandwidth, CoreNexa™ SD-WAN is ideal for any organization that needs high quality voice or those that have bandwidth limits and need reliability and stability for both their VoIP and standard data.

Companies with remote workers, multiple locations/branches, or workflows that require employees to rely on multiple network types/distributed networks find SD-WAN especially beneficial.



Why do your customers need SD-WAN?

Whether your customers have a single location that uses significant bandwidth or multiple locations that require stable VoIP and data, CoreDial's SD-WAN solution optimizes hosted voice quality and data traffic by making the best use of an organization's current bandwidth, and provides administrators the ability to quickly detect and mitigate issues such as packet loss and jitter between our infrastructure and their customers.

How does SD-WAN prioritize business communication bandwidth for voice?

To prevent disruption and dropped calls, voice communication is given higher priority than data. Using specialized routing, CoreDial's sophisticated SD-WAN identifies the best use of bandwidth for voice communication across distributed networks and gives voice the right-of-way. Other systems may attempt to push data through the limited bandwidth at the expense of voice, often resulting in dropped calls and poor audio.


6 Ways Your Customers Benefit from SD-WAN


Voice Prioritization

SD-WAN prioritizes your customers' hosted voice traffic over data to ensure the highest voice quality. When users run out of bandwidth for their standard data, their pages run slow, but when bandwidth runs out for voice, calls can sound awful or drop.

Dynamic Multi-path Optimization

CoreNexa SD-WAN immediately detects failure or service degradation issues like high latency, packet loss, or jitter over any WAN circuit, and can immediately failover to more reliable circuits without any impact to live call quality — meaning communications remain seamless as issues are addressed.


SD-WAN gives administrators a centralized view of the entire network and allows them to easily pull packet captures and perform deeper analysis as needed. Knowing exactly when and where a communication system needs assistance saves time, money, and headaches for you and your customers. SD-WAN makes it easy to identify current or potential issues and trace them directly to the source, whether it’s the ISP, the LAN, or anywhere in-between.

Distributed Network Optimization

SD-WAN works to manage and optimize connections between disparate locations and distributed networks, so employees at different locations have the same access and network quality. Administrators can also apply the same network configurations across an entire organization, without needing to log in to each site individually.

Deep-Packet Inspection

SD-WAN offers the ability to analyze traffic and detect applications being used on a network, giving Administrators visibility into what sources might be using a network’s bandwidth, as well as the ability to control the use of that bandwidth on a per-application basis.

Intelligent Routing & Path Selection

When sending the voice packets, SD-WAN creates specialized tunnels between your edge device and the data center, isolating your traffic from standard internet traffic and ensuring end-to-end quality of voice service.

Why SD-WAN Optimization?

Outside The Network
Outside the Network

End user voice data gets prioritized and managed as it is sent to the provider, leading to added voice optimization.

Real-time Troublshooting
Real-time Troubleshooting

Your end users are empowered knowing exactly when and where a communication system needs assistance.

Inside the Network

Inside the Network

SD-WAN offers centralized visibility and management of bandwidth usage and connections for administrators, and optimization for distributed or hybrid networks.

The Clear Choice for Voice Prioritization

SD-WAN is dedicated to the channel of communication your customers use most: voice. Prioritizing voice communication allows businesses to effectively connect with their most important assets—employees and customers and everyone in between. SD-WAN gives our Channel Partners a competitive and scalable solution for meeting customers’ increasing demands for reliable, crystal-clear voice quality.

Have customers with remote workers? Multiple locations? SD-WAN prevents call disruptions by prioritizing voice over data: