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You need to keep ahead of the curve, offering solutions that are tailored to the ever-evolving needs of your customers.

That’s why, for the past 12 years our Partners have been relying on CoreDial to help them deliver value to their customers through market-leading UCaaS solutions. CoreNexa Contact Center is the next evolution in our offering.

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Why CoreNexa CC?

CoreNexa Contact Center provides you, our Partner, with a solution specifically for the growing contact center market and a way to increase your customer share of wallet and platform stickiness.

CoreNexa Contact Center is an integrated solution specifically built for today’s advanced contact centers. It offers omni-channel, multimedia functionality that allows a call center to manage any type of contact (inbound or outbound.) It is purpose built to provide the functionality that allows modern organizations to manage different types of contact mediums effectively and intelligently deploy internal resources in support of growing need from their customers.

What’s Inside?

CoreNexa Contact Center sets up the agents with a desktop that can fully integrate with voice, email, web, SMS, and CRM solutions, providing call control or pop up screens based on Caller ID, IVR information, or customer data from a CRM. Bringing everything into one interface prevents time and focus lost to switching between applications, and reduces errors that result from distracted agents and incorrect information.

  • IVR
  • Dialers (Outbound Call Control)
  • Workforce Management
  • Call Recording
  • Live Web Chat
  • Email ACD
  • SMS
  • Call Back In Queue (CBIQ)
  • Third Party Integration
  • Customization/Professional Services

With IVR, calls can be balanced for both inbound and outbound traffic based on caller inputs. Businesses can ensure that customers can get the information they need or can reach the right agents in less time.

Outbound Call Control
(Preview/Predictive/Power Dialer)

CoreNexa Contact Center has a sophisticated dialing software that can be deployed in many different environments with the following functionalities. Preview: Automated dialing based on preset lists with detailed information from a CRM system. Power: Automated dialing combined with the ability to distinguish between voice and answering machines. Predictive: Automater dialer that makes calls for an agent based on call volume and Positive Voice Detection.

Workforce Management

CoreNexa Contact Center incorporates employee administration and time management tools. Supervisors can track and set employee schedules, set up skilled based routing, and easily manage call volume and agent activity.

Call Recording

In a contact center environment, the ability to record calls, perform call tagging, and reporting is key to daily operation. Easy search and selection of call records in the recording system greatly reduces the administrative lift required to audit pre-recorded calls.

Omni-Channel Communication

In a contact center environment, agents need the ability to manage their incoming and outgoing communications while providing customers multiple methods of getting in touch. CoreNexa Contact Center does this by offering omni-channel communication from a single interface, covering SMS, email, voice, and live chat. With communications management features such as Callback in Queue, and email ACD, agents have all the tools they need to effectively manage communications across multiple media.

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