SIP Trunking

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SIP Trunking

With your CoreDial private label account, you can offer SIP Trunking solutions that fit virtually any size business. From small businesses looking for the flexibility and cost savings of VoIP, to mid-sized businesses looking for business continuity, disaster recovery, and unlimited or metered calling plans, you can offer a solution that is ideally suited for your customers' requirements.

What is SIP?

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) has become the common signaling standard for real-time communications for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). SIP is an open-standard, which enables our customers to seamlessly connect existing customer premise equipment (CPE) with our carrier-class voice network.

What is SIP Trunking?

A SIP Trunk is a virtual phone line that utilizes a Broadband connection for access, offering up to 40% savings over traditional telephone lines, with benefits including:

  • Rapid Return on Investment: SIP Trunking is cost-efficient to implement and CAPEX negligent, meaning businesses can maintain their same previous features at a fraction of the cost overtime.
  • Fast Geographic Growth: SIP Trunking combines voice and data to better connect distant business systems, helping companies establish faster, wider geographic growth.
  • Reduced Call Costs: SIP Trunking can halve your enterprise’s telecommunication budget due to reduced call costs for making and receiving calls — and since calls are made via IP connection, you won’t have to worry about long distance charges.
  • Enhanced Scalability: Unlike traditional POTs and T1/PRI lines that require planning for peak call times, SIP Trunking offers the flexibility of on-demand scalability, meaning it can scale up or down as your business needs it.

How to Find the Right SIP Trunking Solution

Sample SIP Trunk Plans

Unlimited Two-Way Two-Way Enhanced Unlimited Two-Way Metered Enhanced Metered
Unlimited Two-Way Enhanced Price $ You Decide $ You Decide $ You Decide $ You Decide $ You Decide
Unlimited Two-Way Unlimited Inbound $ You Decide N/A
Metered Enahnced Unlimited Domestic Outbound Calling (US & Canada) Call for Low Rates! Call for Low Rates! $ You Decide Call for Low Rates!
Metered Enhanced Fall-over Protection (Disaster Recovery) N/A N/A $ You Decide Call for Low Rates! N/A
Competitive International Rates $ You Decide N/A
Competitive Inbound Toll Free Calling $ You Decide N/A
1x DID Included $ You Decide N/A

Benefits of SIP Trunking

Shared SIP trunking is when more than one office shares SIP trunking services through one account. The benefits are many, and start with the customers ability to plan for peak concurrent call utilization across the enterprise, versus on a location by location basis. Most of the time this will result in immediate cost savings, as well as a more flexible and scalable solution for the customer.

  • Burstability — Ability to burst above the number of pre-paid trunks or call paths on-demand (i.e. automatically).
  • Control — Make changes to the customers configuration on-demand, and as needed.
  • Advanced Call Routing — Provide your customer with the advanced routing capabilities in CoreDial’s cloud software platform.
  • Business Continuity (Enhanced SIP Trunking) — Configure a SIP trunk to automatically fail over to another location, cell phones, or any number of other scenarios, without manual intervention. If your PBX hardware fails or you lose power, your customers can still call and reach you.

Sample Requirement

Let’s say you have a customer that has 3 locations. They currently have 15 lines (POTs lines, or call paths on a PRI) at location one, 10 lines at location two, and 5 lines at location three. That’s 30 lines total today (15 + 10 + 5 = 30).

Your Solution

Provide your customer with one or many SIP trunk groups, and any number of pre-paid call paths. Also, offer them the ability to “burst” up to ten (10) additional call paths on-demand for a slight surcharge.

In many cases, your customers can make due with 20% less (or more) lines if they could be shared across the enterprise. So instead of 30 lines, they may only need 24 lines (30 x .8 = 24). Not only is that an immediate cost savings, but there are call routing and business continuity benefits included with the service.

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