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CoreNexa: Cloud-Based Unified Communications Platform

Simplify Day-to-Day Communication
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CoreNexa UC Client - calling, conferencing, chat and more - WebRTC, APIs - Philadelphia and Pheonix Data Center

Business communication has become needlessly complex.

With all of the disconnected and highly specialized collaboration methods available, users find it difficult to efficiently and effectively communicate. Dealing with five to ten different apps and pieces of hardware just to communicate with colleagues and complete work is distracting, wastes time, creates confusion, and is overall not a good experience. CoreDial believes that communication should be better.

Simple unified communications

Make it Simple

CoreNexa UC Client makes it easier for your customers to communicate in their day-to-day working environment. Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) helps customers streamline all communications, removes clunky information obstacles, and turns their workplace into a cohesive system. By integrating all of the systems they use to collaborate, UC Client keeps them from having to switch between devices, apps, and screens. With everything in one place, on a single cloud based software platform, your customers can communicate how they want and where they want.


Be Productive

Your customers need their employees to be efficient. When software systems get in the way of productivity, their businesses suffer. They look to you as a UCaaS solutions provider to help them solve their communications issues, including collaboration inefficiency. Unified communication is the keystone of every great company. UC Client eliminates inefficiencies that come with using multiple methods of communication (including phone calls, conferencing, video calls, instant messaging, and mobile.) It saves time by eliminating an employee's need to switch between different applications with different user interfaces and control schemes. With CoreNexa UC Client, you can offer your customers a cloud based communications solution that doesn’t require employees to spend time and energy learning multiple new programs and the rules of engagement for each; Unified communications as a service makes communicating in the modern day exponentially more efficient.

Trusted advisor

Good Advice from a Trusted UCaaS Provider

You have a relationship with your customer that is built on trust and delivering value. They look to you to provide them with the latest technology and custom-tailored software solutions for their business challenges. As their needs evolve beyond merely cloud phone service for business, you can rely on CoreDial as a partner and provider to continue to innovate and deliver Unified Communications and cloud Contact Center solutions that are ahead of the curve and will delight your customers and their users.

Learn how YOU can become the single vendor for your customers' communications needs as a UCaaS Provider.

Download your free guide

Learn how YOU can become the single vendor for your customers' communications needs as a UCaaS Provider.

Download your free guide


Unified Interface

UC Client serves as an augmentation to traditional communications systems. Our UCaaS solution gives users a robust phone, messaging platform, video conferencing system, and directory/contact manager on their computer that works from wherever they do.

Audio and Video Calling

UC Client brings audio and video calling services together onto a single screen. There’s no need to use one app for video calls and a desk or mobile phone to make and receive calls. Everything is in one place with one interface. Unified communications is the roof of your entire communication company.

Instant Messaging

In most organizations, different departments use different messaging platforms, resorting to whatever is most convenient for their day-to-day operations. This makes it extremely difficult to communicate across the business. Our UCaaS platform brings everything and everyone together on one robust platform. UC Client users can communicate with everyone on a single screen rather than using three or four messaging platforms and eliminating the need to deal with different user interfaces.


It’s the most basic communication method that business users use everyday, and it's a critical part of any quality UCaaS platform. UC Client doesn’t overlook calling in favor of instant messaging, video calling, or meetings. It makes it more convenient. Making, receiving, transferring, and conducting calls happens with the click of a button. Whether users are in the office, working remotely or on the road, UC Client makes it like they never left their desks. A business can maintain a presence wherever and whenever it's needed.

Meetings/Video Chat

Gone are the days when spinning up a company or client meeting meant users needed to switch from a chat window to a browser to log into a video conferencing system, then back to a contact management system to get attendees details, and back to the video conferencing system in order to invite people and start the meeting. With UC Client, there are fewer clicks, less switching, and a better, unified communication experience overall.


Having access to your activity history across multiple methods of communication is a must for modern users who work through multiple mediums and services. Users can see their activity and take action on it across incoming and outgoing calls, chat, and meetings, all from a single screen.


Going through voicemail shouldn’t slow users down and keep them from getting to important information. With CoreNexa UC Client, voicemail becomes a useful service again. Users can filter voicemails by contact, see when they came in, and even read transcriptions of the messages to determine if they need to listen to them or immediately respond to the caller. It’s a simpler, better experience.

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