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Telecom Reseller Podcast:

“Technology and the Human Touch”

Our CEO Alan Rihm sat down with Telecom Reseller to discuss how CoreDial is helping our Partners navigate the “new normal”of COVID-19. Listen to the full podcast below.


"For Alan Rihm, CEO of CoreDial, it all begins with the most basic and most important things, making sure people are well and safe. With that basic and vital approach, Rihm is leading his team who are in turn helping their MSP customer ecosystem pivot themselves and their customers to the cloud. In this podcast, we learn how CoreDial is taking steps to first safeguard the safety of their various teams, and how the company is helping the MSPs deal with the crises. Rihm discusses the transition to a more de-centralized workforce and the rise of the distributed work model, including collaborative and productivity tools. We also learn about upcoming developments and features. Rihm updates us about the Cloud Communications Alliance (CCA) where, as a board member, he is actively working with an organization that is providing leadership in the communication market." – Source



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