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CoreNexa Workforce Management

Scheduling, Forecasting, and Adherence "On Demand" for CoreNexa Contact Center (No Spreadsheets Required)

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What is Workforce Management?

CoreNexa WFM puts all of the scheduling, forecasting, and adherence tools managers need in one place, so they can focus more on what matters: giving their team the intelligent, data-driven support and coaching they need to reduce costs and deliver an outstanding experience for the customer.

The Features Managers Need for Effective
Contact Center Operations

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WFM takes all the little details that make up day to day operations — lunch breaks, PTO requests, and more — and puts them all in one place. And because different teams have different needs, WFM makes it easy to customize schedules, shift types, and more across multiple locations.


CoreNexa WFM leverages real-time analytics and the contact center’s historical data records to deliver more accurate forecasting — meaning managers have all the information they need to ensure the right people are working at the right times. The end result? Shorter call times and a better customer experience.


By bringing together scheduling, adherence, and forecasting data in one place, WFM gives managers a clear, in-depth picture of the performance of the contact center. Supervisors are empowered to create new efficiencies, identify critical staffing needs, and focus on what matters, instead of trying to juggle multiple solutions.

Adherence Tracking

A contact center’s best tool is its agents — which makes managing those agents truly critical. And with WFM, agent activity is tracked by the minute and shift and displayed on detailed dashboards, so managers can give their teams the in-depth, data-driven coaching and support they need to increase productivity and performance.

With more and more contact centers shifting to remote teams, Workforce Management solutions are proving to
be an essential resource for maintaining productivity and accountability.

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Benefits Offered By Workforce Management


For Managers

WFM gives managers all-in-one access to:

  • Employee schedules, activity, and availability
  • Real-time feedback
  • Employee adherence across multiple locations
  • Historical volume data and forecasting


For Employees

With WFM, team members can:

  • Get a clear picture of their adherence
  • Track their performance goals
  • Manage their schedules
  • Submit PTO requests
  • Increase accountability for themselves and their team


For Customers

Aequate staffing equals: 

  • Reduced wait times
  • More personalized service
  • More thorough service & issue resolution
  • Increased attention from agents
  • Extraordinary customer experience

Instantly Available With Zero Configuration

Many third-party WFM solutions need to be “bolted onto” a Contact Center solution, leading to additional levels of complexity and increased costs for the organization. Because CoreNexa WFM is built right into Contact Center, it can be immediately activated and installed — no additional software required.

“The common perception in the mid-tier is that WFM is too expensive and difficult to integrate. CoreDial’s strategy to create a cloud-based WFM solution compatible with its Contact Center offering is much better suited to serve the business, budgetary and technical needs of the small to mid-sized enterprise sector.”

-- Nancy Jamison, industry director at market research firm Frost & Sullivan

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